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    Outdoor High brightness 32inch LCD Module

    2021-11-11 17:17:50  News

            Leading Enterprise of LCD display in China--Shenzhen risingstar outdoor high light LCD Co,ltd.  RS 32 inch 2000 brightness highlight LCD panel is by far the most popular with consumers of a product, the modular design, easy to install and use, the casing outside the use high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, maximize the realization of heat transfer, reduce the overall operating temperature, meet higher environmental requirements, heat dissipation is four times the size of the ordinary metal structure.


              Equipped with photosensitive equipment, the brightness can be automatically adjusted according to the intensity of light when used outdoors. The full HD perspective, with resolutions of 1920*1080 and 3840*2160 to choose from, the high brightness LCD module can provide customers with super clear images, easy to read, optimize the promotion effect, and enhance customer experience. Widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, airports,plazas and commercial buildings 


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