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    49inch highbrightness 2000nit Outdoor LCD Displays
    • 49inch highbrightness 2000nit Outdoor LCD Displays
    • 49inch highbrightness 2000nit Outdoor LCD Displays
    • 49inch highbrightness 2000nit Outdoor LCD Displays
    • 49inch highbrightness 2000nit Outdoor LCD Displays

    49inch highbrightness 2000nit Outdoor LCD Displays

    Ultra-bright outdoor display , the image is still vivid and clear in direct sunlight. According to the environmental space, it can be used vertically or horizontally, meeting multiple needs such as product promotion, advertising and real-time convenience at one time. With the characteristics of sturdiness, durability, high efficiency and stability, it is suitable for various outdoor and semi-outdoor places such as transportation, department store retail,commodity advertising, catering and drive-thru.

    Size:49 inch

    Contrast Ratio:1300:1

    Brightness:2000cd/㎡ or customized

    Resolution ratio:3840*2160

    More size:32/43/49/55/65/75/86


    Slim and Lightweight Design

    A single monitor with a thin and light design. It can be easily customized to suit various external environments without the need for a separate enclosure.


    Excellent Visibility, Bright and Brilliant

    With a powerful 3,000nits brightness, it provides clear and vivid picture quality even in direct sunlight.


    Reliability For Outdoor use, safety protection with IP56 design

    The degree of protection is IP56. This means it is designed to withstand the damaging effects of water and other weather, such as sun, rain, snow, dust and wind. This is the basic function of an outdoor display.


    Easy Maintenance, Web Monitoring

    This web-based monitoring solution is user-friendly and gives users peace of mind. It gives users full access from their mobile phone anytime, anywhere, with access to current and past data. It allows users to monitor equipment in real time, make adjustments and control equipment remotely.


    Advertising Outdoor LCD Display, industrial grade high temperature resistance 110℃, 24/7 operation 

    Industrial-grade high-temperature design, reducing the occurrence of blackening defects and screen damage under direct sunlight, designed for 24/7 continuous operation, to send information to your audience around the clock without being affected by the external environment.


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    Display Area1074*604mm
    Respond time6/9 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
    View angle89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR≥10)
    Intelligent dimmingSupport
    Intelligent temperature controlSelf cooling
    TouchCapacitive touch (optional)
    input voltageAC90-264V,50/60HZ
    Maximum Power180W
    IP ratedIP66
    shell materialSheet metal / aluminum alloy
    Outer Shell Size1170*700*120mm
    operating environmentFull outdoor
    Operating temperature and humidity0-50℃/5%-95%RH
    MotherboardAndroid /PC(optional)
    IO InterfaceUSB/RJ45


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