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    55inch 4000nit highbrightness outdoor digital display
    • 55inch 4000nit highbrightness outdoor digital display
    • 55inch 4000nit highbrightness outdoor digital display
    • 55inch 4000nit highbrightness outdoor digital display
    • 55inch 4000nit highbrightness outdoor digital display

    55inch 4000nit highbrightness outdoor digital display

    Risingstar's full range of outdoor displays provide images that are directly visible to sunlight, unaffected in harsh environments, IP-rated, waterproof and dustproof, safe and reliable, providing a complete and robust integrated double-sided kiosk solution.

    Brand: Risingstar

    Size: 55-inch

    Brightness:  2000-nits

    Resolution: 3840*2160

    Contrast ratio: 1300:1

    Opreating temperature: 0 ˚ C ~ 50 ˚ C


    Outdoor Weatherproof Digital Signage Display

    High-brightness LED backlight, brightness up to 4000nit, IP rating, can prevent water and dust, with tempered glass that resists damage, safe and reliable.

    outdoor TV

    Sunlight Viewable Image

    With brightness up to 4000nit, Risingstar Outdoor LCDs can easily implement sunlight readable applications such as city road signs, car access menu boards, and outdoor kiosks.

    outdoor display

    IP56 Weather Resistant

    Risingstar Outdoor LCDs are designed to resist the entry of water into the display and prevent the entry of dust.

    Low Power Consumption

    Risingstar is an industry leader specializing in the production of LCD monitors. As cities roll out at scale, high energy efficiency will reduce costs and reduce carbon footprints.

    Light  Control

    Advanced onboard light sensors automatically adjust the image according to the light intensity of the ambient light, thereby reducing power consumption to the greatest extent, saving energy and protecting the environment.

    outdoor lcd display

    Q:Is there any other size or specification can be choose?

    A:If you need different sizes or specifications, we will provide the most suitable scheme according to your requirements.

    Q:What is your pre-sale and after-sale service?

    A:In terms of pre-sales service, we have a professional sales team and technical team, who are willing to answer your questions within 24 hours.For after-sales service, we can instruct how to install, use and replace damaged modules.

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    Display Area1209*680mm
    Respond time6/9 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
    View angle89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR≥10)
    Intelligent dimmingSupport
    Intelligent temperature controlSelf cooling
    TouchCapacitive touch (optional)
    input voltageAC90-264V,50/60HZ
    Maximum Power220W
    IP ratedIP66
    shell materialSheet metal / aluminum alloy
    Outer Shell Size1305*776*120mm
    operating environmentFull outdoor
    Operating temperature and humidity0-50℃/5%-95%RH
    MotherboardAndroid /PC(optional)
    IO InterfaceUSB/RJ45


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