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    36.6 inch industrial stretched LCD module 1000 nits brightness
    • 36.6 inch industrial stretched LCD module 1000 nits brightness
    • 36.6 inch industrial stretched LCD module 1000 nits brightness

    36.6 inch industrial stretched LCD module 1000 nits brightness

    36.6 inch stretcheed display, with high brightness and industrial hi-tni screen, idea for digital signage, outdoor and stretched bar LCD dsiplay.


    36.6 inch

    Contrast Ratio:



    1000 nits. 

    Resolution ratio:


    More size:

    29 inch/36.6 inch/37 inch/ 43 inch/48.5 inch 

    Working Temperature:

    -20 ~ 60 °C,  withstand surface temperatures up to 110°C with no blackening defect 


    S366AJ1-LE1 - an exceptional 36.6 inch TFT-LCD display module with a-Si technology. This module is designed for maximum performance and boasts an integral WLED backlight system, ensuring optimal quality in every image delivered. With LED Driver, this model operates without touch screen and has an operating temperature range of -20 ~ 60°C, making it durable enough for a wide variety of applications.


    this module features sRGB, Landscape / Portrait, and Ultra High Brightness, along with WLED Backlight and a long-lasting life of 50K hours. This Bar Display model also features a Matte finish, providing the highest level of clarity in every image produced.

    Main  features,

    1) 36.6 inch native stretched module, more others sizes are available

    2) Industrial A+ grade high brightness LCD panel

    3) High contrast 5000:1, High brightness 1000 nits, vivid image layout, bets details performance.

    4) Wide visual angle 178°

    5) Wide operation temperature: -20-60 degree, real hi-tni screen. 

    We highly recommend the S366AJ1-LE1 for Digital Signage, Outdoor High Brightness, and Stretched Bar LCD applications. This model is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their brand image and create a visual impact for their customers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to differentiate your brand by choosing the S366AJ1-LE1 for your display needs.

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    Screen Diagonal36.6 inch 
    Panel noS366AJ1-LE1 
    Active Area 919.296(W)×138.852(H) mm
    Pixels1920(RGB)×290, 53PPI
    Physical Size951.3(W)×170.8(H)×12.4(D) mm
    Pixel Arrangement R.G.B. Vertical Stripe
    Display Mode a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
    White Luminance ( Center )1000 cd/m2 (Typ.)  [cd/m2 ] 
    Contrast Ratio 5000:1 (Typ.)
    Optical Response Time11 (Typ.)(G to G) ms
    Nominal Input Voltage 12.V (Typ.)
    Frame Rate60Hz
    Viewing Angle89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
    Weight [g] 2.95kgs(Typ.)
    Interface TypeEPI, 120 pins 
    Support Color LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit) ,  51 pins
    Surface Treatment Hard coating (3H),
    RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance
    Temperature Range-20 ~60 °C
    Storage (Non-Operating) -20 ~ 60 °C


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