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    High Brightness Window Facing Monitor Display
    • High Brightness Window Facing Monitor Display
    • High Brightness Window Facing Monitor Display
    • High Brightness Window Facing Monitor Display
    • High Brightness Window Facing Monitor Display

    High Brightness Window Facing Monitor Display

    49 inch window facing display,depending on your industry and application,,different brightness levels can be customized to meet your business needs,from 700 nits indoors to 5,000 nits outdoor.

    Size:49 inch

    Contrast Ratio:1300:1

    Brightness:2000cd/㎡ or customized

    Resolution ratio:3840*2160

    More size:32/43/49/55/65/75/86


    Ultra-bright wall-mounted double-sided display for window display, the image content is clearly visible even in sunlight. During the day, retailers can also attract shoppers to stop and even introduce themselves into the store through vivid graphic content in the window display. It has an ultra-thin design and takes up very little space. The display can also be assembled into a vertical advertising machine and can also be hung.


    [Brightness adjustment control, efficient power consumption]

    This window display can automatically adjust according to the environment through the light sensor set inside, increase the brightness of the screen when the environment is bright, and reduce the brightness when the environment is dark to save electricity.


    [You can see clearly even with sunglasses]

    The window display uses a polarization technology (Quarter Wave Plate, QWP), even if the customer wears polarized sunglasses, the content on the display is clearly visible.



    Q:Are you manufacturer(factory)?

    A:Yes, we're. Also OEM/ODM service available here.Welcome to share your ideas with us. It's our pleasure to provide best solution for you.

    Q:what can you buy from us?

    A:semi-outdoor LCD, full Outdoor Highlight Screen, Ultrathin Highlight  LCD,Outdoor splicing highlight LCD,Industrial Highlight TFT-LCD, transparent LCD and display frame, double-sided LCD, high-light double-sided LCD and other high-end LCD panel.

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    Specification Parameter
    Panel BrandLG/AUO/BOE
    Display Area1074*604mm
    Aspect Ratio16:09
    Response Time6/9 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
    View Angle89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR≥10)
    Intelligent dimmingSupport
    Intelligent temperature controlSupport
    Remote ControlSupport
    Input VoltageAC90-264V,50/60HZ
    Maximum Power230W
    Shell MaterialMetal Plate
    Product Dimensions1119*649*89mm
    environmental conditionsSemi-outdoor
    Operating temperature & humidity0-50℃/5%-95%RH
    Main-boardAndroid /PC/ HD Driver Board (Optional)
    IO interfaceHDMI/VGA/DVI/USB/RJ45


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