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    19.5 Inch 1500 Nits High Brightness Strip LCD Panel
    • 19.5 Inch 1500 Nits High Brightness Strip LCD Panel
    • 19.5 Inch 1500 Nits High Brightness Strip LCD Panel

    19.5 Inch 1500 Nits High Brightness Strip LCD Panel

    Provide a superior visual experience. Its high brightness design makes it perform well in bright light environments. Widely used in the field of outdoor display equipment and information display.



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    Outdoor LCD Panel



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    19.5" Stretched LCD, 1500nits LED backlight, 1920 x 540, 

    The 19.5 Inch 1500 Nits High Brightness Strip LCD Panel is specifically designed for industrial use, ensuring exceptional performance even under direct sunlight. With a high brightness level of 1500 nits, this LCD panel delivers crisp and vivid visuals, making it easily visible in bright outdoor environments.

    One of the standout features of this LCD panel is its ability to operate in a wide temperature range(-30 ~ 80 °C), making it suitable for various challenging conditions. Whether it's extreme heat or freezing cold, this panel can withstand the temperature fluctuations without compromising its performance and durability.

    Designed to provide optimal viewing experience, this LCD panel offers a wide viewing angle, ensuring that the content displayed can be easily seen from different directions. This is particularly useful in industrial settings where multiple individuals may need to access the screen simultaneously.

    Moreover, this LCD panel is highly versatile and can be integrated into various applications. Its slim and compact design enables easy installation and integration into existing systems. Whether it's in outdoor digital signage, kiosks, or even vehicles, this LCD panel delivers exceptional performance consistently.

    In summary, the 19.5 Inch 1500 Nits High Brightness Strip LCD Panel is an ideal choice for industrial use. Its high brightness level, wide temperature range compatibility, and wide viewing angle make it suitable for outdoor environments. With its reliable and versatile performance, this LCD panel is an excellent investment for businesses looking for a durable and adaptable display solution.

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    Screen Diagonal19.5 inch 
    Model NoRS195HAN-GE15
    Active Area 478.64(W)×136.41(H) mm
    Physical Size497.4(W)×158.4(H)×15.7(D) mm
    Pixel Arrangement R.G.B. Vertical Stripe
    Display Mode a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
    White Luminance ( Center )1500 cd/m2 (Typ.)  [cd/m2 ] 
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1 (Typ.)
    Optical Response Time 8 (Typ.)(G to G) ms
    Nominal Input Voltage 6V (Typ.)
    Frame Rate60Hz
    Viewing Angle89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10) 
    Weight N/A
    Interface Type LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit)  , 30 pins Connector
    Support Color 1.07B
    RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance
    Temperature Range-30 ~80 °C
    Storage (Non-Operating) -40 ~ 90 °C


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