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    32 inch 1500 nits industrial outdoor high brightness LCD module
    • 32 inch 1500 nits industrial outdoor high brightness LCD module

    32 inch 1500 nits industrial outdoor high brightness LCD module

    RisingLCD 32 inch LCD modules for outdoor and semi-outdoor applications, open LCD monitors, high brightness LCD screens, waterproof LCD monitors, professional heat dissipation and waterproof design, sell well all over the world.



    Model name:


    Screen size:


    Screen type:

    LCD Monitor


    1920*1080 / 3840×2160(RGB)

    Brightness (cd/m²):

    1000 to 3000


    Italy 32 inch 1500 nits high brightness LCD screen outdoor application, ski resort ticket information display, scenic guide or fare publicity, bus station information display, commercial street outdoor advertising display, shop window advertising display, mainly used in outdoor sunlight The screen brightness is above 1500 nits, and the Risinglcd 32-inch high-brightness LCD screen is 1000 nits, 1500 nits, 2000 nits, 2500 nits, 3000 nits, of which 1500 nits is a thin side-lit backlight design , 2000 nits or more is a direct backlight solution, all-aluminum structure, features: light, thin, better heat dissipation. Risinglcd product size is 10 to 120 inches, brightness: 500 to 5000 nits, and can be customized.Technical parameters of 32-inch 1500 nits industrial outdoor high-brightness LCD module:

    Product features: 

    1. Using LG's original industrial-grade LCD panel, long-term sunlight without blackening; 

    2. High and low temperature resistance -30 to 110 degrees;

    3. Aluminum alloy structure, better heat dissipation, 3 times better than the conductivity of the electrolytic plate;

    4. The backlight supports automatic dimming, knob dimming, PWM dimming;

     5. Outdoor special optical materials, with a temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius; 

    6. Direct backlight design, higher reliability.

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    Panel Brand


    Diagonal Size


    Panel Type

    a-Si TFT-Module



    1920×1080 / 3840 × 2160 (RGB) 

    Pixel Format

        RGB Vertical Stripe

    Display Area

       698.4×392.85mm (H×V)

    Outline Size:

    703.4×397.9×40mm (H×V×D)


    Antiglare (Haze 1%), Hard coating (2H).


       500 to 3000 cd/m² (Typ.)

    Contrast Ratio

       1300:1 (Typ.) (TM)   

    waterproof level


    Protection level


    Support Color

    1.67B   100% NTSC

    Viewing Angle

        89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR≥10)

    Display Mode

    IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive .

    Response Time

    5 (Typ.)(G to G); 8 (Typ.)(MPRT).

    Lamp Type

    WLED , 50K hours , With LED Driver



    Panel Weight

    6.2Kgs (Typ./Max.)


    Outdoor digital signage

    Signal Interface


    Input Voltage:

    24V ,110 to 260V (Typ.).

    Operating Temp.

       -30 ~ 110 °C 

    Storage Temp.

    -30 ~ 110 °C


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