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    37" AUO P370IVN04.1 Outdoor Stretched Monitor
    • 37" AUO P370IVN04.1 Outdoor Stretched Monitor
    • 37" AUO P370IVN04.1 Outdoor Stretched Monitor
    • 37" AUO P370IVN04.1 Outdoor Stretched Monitor

    37" AUO P370IVN04.1 Outdoor Stretched Monitor



    Model name:


    Screen size:


    Screen type:

     Stretch LCD Monitor


    1920(RGB)×540  54PPIBrightness (cd/m²):

    2500 to 5000


    AUO P370IVN04.1 is 37-inch LCD-TFT display module with 1920x540 resolution (any view).  The module is equipped with an Edge LED backlight, LED inverter, a MVA screen. The display characterizes with a brightness of 2500 cd/m², a static contrast ratio of 4000:1 and an ability to work in the industrial temperature range (0~50°C).


    High brightness is a Main features of the product, it can work for a long time with wide range of temperatures, and could be read in the sunlight, and the long woking time ( Life ≥ 70K hours) so it will be applied in transportation and automotive industry, govement lines, bus station etc.  

    And due to using the matrix with IPS/MVA technology (or variants),display can be readable from any angle, no gray scale inversion effect.


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    37" AUO P370IVN04.1 Outdoor Stretched Monitor  

    Panel BrandAUO
    Panel ItemP370IVN04.1
    Size37 inch 
    Panel Typea-Si TFT-LCD,   LCM 
    Resolution: 1920(RGB)*540 54PPI
    Pixel FormatRGB Vertical   Stripe 
    Display Area904.32*245.34(H*V)mm
    Outline   Size 923.3*277.1*30.5(H*V*D)mm
    Bezel Area907.5*257.5(H*V)mm
    Surface Treatment Antiglare (Haze 28%)   , Hard Coating (3H)
    Constrast   Ratio.4000:1
    View Angle89/89/89/89(Min)
    Display ModelAMVA3, Normally   Black, transmissive Display 
    Best View   on Symmetry
    Response Time5 (Typ.)(G to G)
    Display Color16.7M/1.078  76% s RGB
    BacklightWLED, 70K hours, With   LED Driver
    Touch   Screen Without 
    Panel   Weight 4.59Kgs
    Frame Rate60Hz
    Signal   Interface LVDS (2ch, 8-bit), 51   pins connector
    Input   Voltage 12v(Typ.)
    Working   Temperature0-+50 ゚C
    Storage   Temperature-20-+60 ゚C
    Current   State: In Production


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