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    LG ​LD550DUN-TKH1 1500 cd/㎡ high brightness LCM
    • LG ​LD550DUN-TKH1 1500 cd/㎡ high brightness LCM
    • LG ​LD550DUN-TKH1 1500 cd/㎡ high brightness LCM

    LG ​LD550DUN-TKH1 1500 cd/㎡ high brightness LCM


    LG   Display

    Model name:


    Screen size:


    Screen type:

    LCD  module



    Brightness (cd/m²):


    LG 1000 cd/㎡ high-brightness LCD module, suitable for outdoor or bright environment with direct sunlight, outdoor monitor, outdoor digital signage, window advertising screen, outdoor TV, industrial equipment touch display, UHD, FHD, any interface.

    LA084X02-SL01         LG Display8.4"LCM1024×768 12001000:189/89/89/8916.2MWLEDLVDS

    LB190E01-SL01          LG Display19"LCM1280×1024 1000900:185/85/85/85GrayscaleCCFLLVDS

    LD470DUP-SEH1       LG Display47"LCM1920×1080 20001300:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LD750DGN-FKH1      LG Display75"LCM3840×2160 30001200:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDV-by-One

    LD490EPN-UKH1       LG Display49"LCM1920×1080 15001300:189/89/89/8916.7MWLEDLVDS

    LB213QX1-SL01         LG Display21.3"LCM2048×1536 10001300:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LD750DGN-FKH3      LG Display75"LCM3840×2160 30001200:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDV-by-One

    LB315WRM-SVA1      LG Display32"LCM3840×2160 10001000:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDV-by-One

    LB213QX2-SL01         LG Display21.3"LCM1536×2048 11001800:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LD470DUP-SEH2       LG Display47"LCM1920×1080 20001300:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LD550DUN-TKH1      LG Display55"LCM1920×1080 15001300:189/89/89/891.06BWLEDLVDS

    LB270WF1-SLA1        LG Display27"LCM1920×1080 10001000:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LB270WRM-SVA1      LG Display27"LCM3840×2160 10001300:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDV-by-One

    LD980DQD-FKA1       LG Display98"LCM3840×2160 10001300:189/89/89/891.06BWLEDV-by-One

    LB310FTM-SPA1        LG Display31"LCM4200×2800 12001500:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDeDP

    LB310FTM-SPA2        LG Display31"LCM4200×2800 12001500:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDeDP

    LB270WFM-SLA1       LG Display27"LCM1920×1080 10001000:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LD420WUB-SCC1      LG Display42"LCM1920×1080 10001200:189/89/89/8916.7M/1.06BCCFLLVDS

    LD470WUB-SCC1      LG Display47"LCM1920×1080 10001200:189/89/89/8916.7M/1.07BCCFLLVDS

    LD470DUP-SFH2       LG Display47"LCM1920×1080 20001300:189/89/89/891.07BWLEDLVDS

    LB190E01-SL02          LG Display19"LCM1280×1024 1000900:185/85/85/85GrayscaleCCFLLVDS

    LA070WV6-SL02        LG Display7"LCM800×480         15001000:189/89/89/8916.7MWLEDLVDS

    PDP42T4                   LG Display42"PDP1024×768 17001.07BselfLVDS

    PDP42X                     LG Display42"PDP1024×768 12001.07BselfLVDS

    LA070WV6-SL05        LG Display7"LCM800×480         15001000:189/89/89/8916.7MWLEDLVDS

    PDP42V6                  LG Display42"PDP852×480         10003000:116.7MselfLVDSDatasheet

    LA103WF5-SL08        LG Display10.3"LCM1920×720 10001000:116.7MWLEDLVDS

    LA103WF5-SL0A        LG Display10.3"LCM1920×720 10001000:116.7MWLEDLVDs

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    Manufacturer:LG Display                                                   Model Name:LD550DUN-TKH1  

    Screen Size:        55 inch                                                           Screen Type:LCM ,   a-Si TFT-LCD

    Pixel Number:1920(RGB)×1080   (FHD)  40PPI                    Arrangement:RGB Vertical Stripe

    Active Area(mm):1209.6 × 680.4 (H×V)                                   Outline(mm):1213.4 × 684.2 × 57.2 (H×V×D)

    Bezel Area(mm):1209.9 × 680.7 (H×V)                                   Treatment:        Antiglare (Haze 3%), Hard coating (2H), Antireflection

    Luminance:        1500 cd/m² (Typ.)                                           Contrast Ratio:1300 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)    

    Viewing Angle:89/89/89/89 (Min.)(CR≥10)                            Response:8 (Typ.)(G to G) ms

    Good View at:Symmetry                                                   Work ModeS-IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive 

    Color Depth:        1.06B   72% NTSC                                           Backlight:WLED , 60K hours , With LED Driver

    Splicing Seam:3.8 mm (active to active seam)                   Used for:Video Wall

    Refresh Rate:60Hz                                                                   Touchscreen:Without

    Signal Type:   LVDS (2 ch, 10-bit) , 51 pins Connector

    Voltage Supply:12.0V (Typ.) 

    Max. Ratings:Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60 °C    Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 50 °C   

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