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    15 Inch high brightness industrial LCD panel
    • 15 Inch high brightness industrial LCD panel
    • 15 Inch high brightness industrial LCD panel
    • 15 Inch high brightness industrial LCD panel

    15 Inch high brightness industrial LCD panel

    15-inch high brightness industrial LCD panel for a variety of industrial applications. With excellent picture quality and high brightness, it can be clearly displayed under strong light. Reliable and durable, suitable for use in harsh working environments.

    Brand: Risingstar

    Size: 15-inch

    Brightness:  4000-nits

    Resolution: 1024*768

    Contrast ratio: 1000:1

    Opreating temperature: -20 ˚ C ~ 70 ˚ C


    RS150X0M-GE10 main features

    1.  Industrial LCD Panel

    2. 1000 nits (cd/m2) sunlight readable Brightness

    3.  Long-Life Advanced LED Backlight, over 100,000 Hours Half-Life

    4. Wide Operational Temperature Range -20°C to 70°C 

    5. Touch Screen Technologies Available (Optional)

    The 15 inch high brightness industrial LCD panel has a resolution of 1024 by 768. The product uses thin film transistor technology, with high definition and vivid image display effect. Its moderate panel size makes it suitable for a variety of display applications, such as televisions, monitors and industrial control systems.

    The panel uses LED backlight technology for high brightness and energy efficiency. LED backlights provide uniform brightness and have a long service life. This panel has a high contrast ratio and can present a more realistic and clear image.

    The 15-inch TFT-LCD panel also has a wide viewing Angle, meaning that viewers can view the content on the screen from different angles without losing color and image accuracy.

    In addition, this panel also has the characteristics of fast response, enabling smooth video playback and gaming experience. It also supports a wide color gamut, allowing for richer and more vibrant colors.

    In short, the 15-inch LCD panel has a resolution of 1024*768, high definition, sharp image display effect, LED backlight technology, wide viewing Angle, fast response speed and wide color gamut, which is suitable for a variety of display applications.

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    Screen Diagonal15 Inch
    Brand Risingstar
    Model NoRS150X0M-GE10
    Active Area304.128(W)×228.096(H) mm
    Resolution1024(RGB)×768, XGA, 85PPI
    Physical Size326.5(W)×253.5(H)×10(D) mm
    Pixel ArrangementR.G.B. Vertical Stripe
    Display Modea-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
    Contrast Ratio :1000:1
    White Luminance ( Center )1000 nits
    Optical Response Time30 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) ms
    Nominal Input Voltage3.3V (Typ.)
    Frame Rate60Hz
    Viewing Angle89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
    Weight [g]930g(Typ.)
    Interface TypeLVDS (1 ch, 6/8-bit) ,  20 pins
    Support Color16.7M , 72% NTSC
    Surface TreatmentFog level(Haze 25%),Hard coating (3H)
    RoHS ComplianceRoHS Compliance
    Temperature Range-20 ~70 °C
    Storage (Non-Operating)-20 ~ 70 °C


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