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    21.5"-43"  open frame lcd monitor
    • 21.5"-43"  open frame lcd monitor
    • 21.5"-43"  open frame lcd monitor
    • 21.5"-43"  open frame lcd monitor
    • 21.5"-43"  open frame lcd monitor

    21.5"-43" open frame lcd monitor

    Brand: Risingstar

    Size: 21.5-inch

    Brightness:  1000-nits

    Resolution: 1920*1080

    Contrast ratio: 1200:1

    Opreating temperature: TBD


            21.5"-43"  open frame lcd monitor,open frame lcd display module for using semi-outdoor /indoor advertising display,Usually used in Payment Kiosk, Embeded Into Machines,Industrial Automation, Medical Treatment etc.


         Open frame lcd module product features:

           21.5"-43" available,open frame design

           Save cost and time on flxing,can be easily installed.

           Low power consumption

           Support USB2.0/SD/MMC(accept customized)

           Auto play video/music/picture when insert memory card

           Support HD video up to 1920*1080p

           Built-in clock,calendar and alarm clock

          Androis OS(optional)

          Standard hanging mounting VESA holes.

          Widely used in the supermarket,exhibition ,restaurant


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    Panel Size

    21.5-43 inch

    Panel item

    RS 215ENT-N00

    Panel type

    a-Si TFT-LCD

    panel resolution




    Constrast Ratio


    View angle

    89/89/89/89 (Min)

    Frame material



    USB,HDMI,SD,RJ45,Power input

    Photo Format


    Audio Format


    Video Format


     Main Features

    Auto play video from SD/USB

    Auto copy from USB to SD card or built-in memory

    Built-in clock,calendar,alarm with slideshow window,schedule auto on/off

    Support Extenal push button for changing different video

    Support connect with LED strips

    OSD language:Elglish and other languages selectable


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