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    65inch  wall mount digital singage outdoor lcd advertising display
    • 65inch  wall mount digital singage outdoor lcd advertising display
    • 65inch  wall mount digital singage outdoor lcd advertising display
    • 65inch  wall mount digital singage outdoor lcd advertising display

    65inch wall mount digital singage outdoor lcd advertising display



    Model name:


    Screen size:


    Screen Brand:






    Brightness (cd/m²):

     2000 to 5000



               Outdoor advertising machine series of products are using professional and unique ultra high brightness LED backlight modular heat dissipation module design, and the latest international outdoor technology, with air conditioning, air conditioning overall heat dissipation design, with the most simple technical design concept to achieve the most stable high-performance products.  To achieve excellent optical display characteristics, good body thermal conductivity and ultra-high product reliability, whether in the hot and high temperature environment of strong sunlight direct exposure to the screen surface for a long time, or in the environment as low as -40°C, can meet the long-term stable work and display bright colors and clear images.  It is the LCD with excellent brightness stability using LED backlight in similar products worldwide.  

               At the maximum power output, the lumen of the LCD screen can reach more than 2000 Nit. Under such lumen conditions, users can read the contents of the screen outdoors or even under strong sunlight.  With broad viewing Angle and realistic color display, the module can work steadily for a long time and display bright colors and clear images no matter in the environment of direct sunlight or full darkness.  

               The product has excellent characteristics and good reliability for use in harsh environment, and provides good convenience and quick matching for customers' equipment. Customers can complete the finished product through this module.  Can be widely used in outdoor square, electronic platform, large supermarket chain stores, stadiums, airports and other indoor and outdoor environment media image playback. 

                65inch  wall mount digital singage outdoor lcd advertising display

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    Product Dimension




    Display Type


    Display ratio



     2000-5000nits(Auto brightness)

    Display color


    View angle

    Horizontal 178°,Vertical 178°

    Respon Time


    Constrast Ratio


    Service life


    Backlight Type


    Input Votage

    AC110V-240V 60HZ



    Texture of material

    The shell of the whole machine is made of 2mm galvanized plate, and the surface is sprayed with outdoor powder


    6mm ultra white high transparent explosion-proof toughened glass anti glare, anti reflection and light transmittance over 98%(AR,AC optional)




    Internal filter screen device

    Rust prevention and corrosion protection

    High strength galvanized steel plate, outdoor powder surface treatment


    RK3288  A20 + 4G network


    DDR3 2GB 

    Built in memory

    EMMC 8G,16G,32G

    Operating System

    Android 4.4/5.0   (Windows and stand-alone optional)

    OSD language

    Default English for multiple languages

    Playback mode

    It supports multiple playback modes such as loop, timing and insertion

    Network support

    Ethernet, supporting WiFi and wireless peripheral expansion(3G/4G optional)

    Video playback


    Picture format

    Support BMP,JPEG,PNG,GIF etc.

    Audio output

    Support HDMI output,Left and right channel output 10W horn

    Software release

    Support background publishing files, remote setting of automatic switch, remote volume increase and decrease

    Temperature control

    Support temperature control, control fan speed at different temperatures

    Leakage protection

    Support leakage protection switch

    Lightning protection

    Built in over temperature and over current protection function for high-voltage DC power supply can provide class C surge
    protection for photovoltaic power distribution system.

    Time control protection

    Power switch control. can customized switch by day, week and month7/24

    Brightness control

    The built-in photosensitive probe can automatically adjust the brightness of LCD display screen according to the intensity of
    outdoor light. The core technology of LED backlight control and sensor can improve the sensitivity of light sense transmission,
    effectively identify, control and adjust the brightness of LED backlight.

    Cooling system

    1. Intelligent air cooling system is adopted for heat dissipation

    2. Intelligent control of wind speed and energy saving of fan speed control board

    3. It can meet the requirement of no blackening of LCD screen in the environment of - 40 ℃ to 55 ℃


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