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    49 " outdoor LCD display monitor

    2021-11-11 16:37:59  News

              Beautiful fashion all-in-one, Has gradually become the preferred product of indoor/semi-outdoor display, It widely in shopping malls, theaters, hotels, For window display advertising/exhibition/smart notation/information query. Colorful images, text appear a sharp, airframe adopt aluminum alloy material.The fuselage thin, Hanging vertical or horizontal. LCD advertising machine with excellent display performance, Has become the ideal "fifth media" display equipment.

              For Risingstar 49 inch semi-outdoor high brightness wall hanging advertising machine as an example, It uses professional industrial LCD panel, Has strong high temperature resistance, visible under the sun, video images show clear, natural, can better performance of advertising details; Body design fashion, generous, thin, easy to use, beautiful, using new environmental protection technology, good stability, can adapt to and work in bad environment. Under normal use conditions, up to 60000 hours of extra long service life, and can be 7*24 hours non-stop work.

    Advantages of 49 inch 2500nits high brightness LCD monitor:

    1, Advertising reach rate is high, good effect: wall hanging advertising machine for different consumer groups, the broadcast of advertising content reach rate is high, good effect.

    2. Strong pertinence: the point-to-point interaction between the wall advertising machine and the audience can make the advertising content better recognized by the audience and customers, making the advertising more accurate and effectively providing publicity channels for businesses.

    3, Strong vision: sunlight resdable, the highest brightness can achieve 3000Nits. You can clearly watch the video playing content outdoors. Brightness can also be customized according needs.

    4. Strong structure performance: the shell adopts aluminum alloy structure, which can effectively improve the heat dissipation function. And not easily deformed.

    5, Easy to use: 49 inch 2500nits brightness lcd displayer. Can be equipped with installation bracket (floor bracket and wall bracket for users to choose), convenient for users to use




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