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    QLED Display advantage and QLED LCD display in RisingLCD

    2022-07-01 17:31:36  News

    When we talk QLED LCD display, firstly let us know what is the QLED.

    QLED full name is Quantum dot light emitting Diode that refers to quantum dots named by physicist Mark Reed of Yale University, that refers to some extremely tiny semiconductors that could not be seen by the naked eye. Quantum dots are a combination of Zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulfur atoms, the size of less than 10 nanometers. a  thin layer of quantum dots is placed in the backlight unit of a liquid crystal display (LCD), it will make the LCD reduce the loss of the backlight brightness and corlor. let the LCD achieve more better brightness and improve the display color gamut space.  in other words, QLED LCD display use quantum dot film layer technology and with a special LED backlight system designed to display a brighter picture than the standard LCD screen that just with LED backlight.   thanks to this specification, QLED LCD display will be more thin and slim in depth. and be popular for placement in a very bright rooms especially with ambient sunlight levels.  


    Advantage of RisingLCD QLED

    1. It is thin and light in weight compared with the standard LCD screen

    2. Quickly switching speed

    3. Brightness is about 50-100 times brighter compared to CRT and LCD display types.

    4. Lower power consumption, QLED screens are around 2  times poer efficient compare to OLED screens and moreover offer about 30-40% improvement in brightness

    5. QLED LCD screen has a longer lifespan than the OLED screen. 

    RisingLCD is a direct supply for the LCD displays products, and QLED LCD is the new lanuched  seires, give your require, we will offer you a best solution. 

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