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    Which LCD display is better for you, VA or IPS

    2022-08-09 15:58:39  News

    When we choose a monitor, except the size and appearance, we are most concerned about is its "performance" and "picture effect",which are determined by the "display panel". Different display types affect the response time, color, viewing angle and contrast of the display, we will start from these aspects and briefly introduce the three major "panel technologies" VA, and IPS.


    Almost all monitors use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display lit by LED backlights. There are three main types of LCD panels: In-Plane Switching (IPS), Vertical Alignment (VA), and Twisted Nematic (TN). The general idea of each panel type is the same: liquid crystals react to an electric charge, controlling how much light is allowed to pass through and reach each of the three colored sub-pixels.the difference between IPS, VA and TN is the arrangement of the crystals in the LCD display and how they move when electric charge is applied to them.  


    In-plane switching (IPS): This term was coined by LG. Samsung refers to similar technology as “plane-to-line switching” (PLS), while AU Optronics uses “advanced hyper viewing angle” (AHVA). All are comparable.

    IPS monitors have crystals that are positioned parallel to let light pass through when voltage is applied.

    Vertical alignment (VA): Also referred to as “super vertical alignment” (SVA) by Samsung and “advanced multi-domain vertical alignment” (AMVA) by AU Optronics. All share similar characteristics. VA monitors have crystals that are vertical in position, when voltage is applied, these crystals tilt to let the light shine through.

    IPS VA
    ProsThe liquid crystal molecules are aligned in parallel to the   glass substrate to produce rich color The liquid crystal molecules are aligned prependicular to the   glass substrate plane
    IPS panel demonstrate excellent   viewing angle capabilities. VA panels offer superior contrast ratios, all the way up to   6000:1
    Available in fast refresh rates   over 240Hz, energy-efficient, wide viewing angleVA panels are a trade off between expensive ips panels and   cheeper tn panels. 
    IPS panels lose no visual color   clarity when viewing it from any angle.
        IPS displays are suitable for watching big games or a show across a wide   sitting arrangement.
    VA panels are more suitable for movie-watching in dimly-lit   spaces, given they have the best contrast between the two
    ConsIPS panel are relatively expensive to produce
        Slower response time than VA panels.
    VA lose picture accuracy when watching them from the far edges   of my seat, and the display appears washed out.
    which   is better for you 1. Editing footage and pictures,

    IPS monitors are more favorable given their better color reproduction. Some   VA panels offer wide color ranges, though they typically have motion   blur

    2.Programming with the monitor mounted vertically:

    IPS panels are better because of their extensive viewing angles
    3.Competitive gaming:
    IPS panels are better for gaming for their faster response time and refresh   rates which are critical for competitive games.
    1.Study and work,

    VA monitors are more suitable in   this case, you can spend less given a fast response time, and high refresh   important

     2.Slow-Paced gaming:

     a VA monitor will offer you higher contrast and sharp images. IPS is still   okay if you won't mind the slightly lower contrast ratio


    I love IPS panel since they have one of the highest color gamut performances, much higher than VA panels, for this reason, IPS panels display a game’s graphics better than VA panels, these display represent the graphics of your games more realistically and 40 inch 4k monitors are now top of the range.


    IPS Display provides wide viewing angles that offer vivid and sharp pictures even when sitting a bit far from your screen.

    RisingLCD is specializes in all the IPS LCD products and solution, and OEM and ODM are all welcomed!

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