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    What is ULED, local dimming LCD Display, and what is the Functionality and advantages

    2022-06-24 15:38:19  News

    What is the ULED, local dimming LCD Display, and what is the Functionality and advantages.


    Backlight is very important for a LCD display, ULED or local dimming is just one stlye of the backlight for the display.

    Local dimming

    Firstly let us talk about the backlight for the display or TV before understanding what is the ULED.


    LCD screens do not emit any light by itself and it must rely on a backlight (current LED is the widely used as a backlight ) to display images. When the single-color backlight emitted by the LED passes through the liquid crystal panel, it will be switched by the liquid crystal molecules composed of the three primary RGB colors and combined into any color that can be seen by the human eye. That is to say, the liquid crystal molecules are responsible for the color (hue, color saturation) of the image and video, and the backlight determines the brightness (brightness, contrast) of the image and video.


    The ULED backlight is a technology  that  divides the original backlight module into multiple areas, and each area is equipped with an independent controller, so that each area can emit backlights with different brightness levels, thereby greatly improving the contrast ratio.

    Nowadays, some people call it as smart dynamic backlight systems, some people call it as ULED system, or local dimming technology, they are the same one.



    ULED (Local Dimming , smart dynamic backlight technology) that apply to LCD TV is a leap development for the visual solution. This technology divides the backlight of LCD TVs into multiple areas, and determines which areas are lit and which areas are not lit according to the displayed picture, which areas are needed  to reduce the brightness or turn it off, that meant to increase contrast by dimming  the backlight behind dim or dark areas of the screen, thereby increasing the contrast between thouse dark areas and bright objects that are still on sxreen, it is mainly noticeable when you are in a dark room, but if you have a lot of ambient light, the benefits are not as significant or as noticeable.

    ULED (Local Dimming , smart dynamic backlight technology) can significantly improve picture quality but can also lead to blacks losing detail or light blooming off of bright objects and into darker portions of the screen, In addition, power consumption is significantly lower compared to similarly bright displays.


     Compared to bright standard TFT displays, the ULED or the local dimming LCD displays have low power consumption and low heat generation, perfect for mobile, outdoor applications, Medical testing equipment, or other related industrial or commercial applications.

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