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    Open frame high tni sunlight readable tft LCD
    • Open frame high tni sunlight readable tft LCD
    • Open frame high tni sunlight readable tft LCD
    • Open frame high tni sunlight readable tft LCD
    • Open frame high tni sunlight readable tft LCD

    Open frame high tni sunlight readable tft LCD

    RisingLCD high tni open frame monitor can be customize in different sizes, 15.6inch/18.5 inch/21.5 inch/23.6 inch/32 inch/43 inch,  for multi-usage such as ATM ,viewing digital maps and other machine



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    Open Frame Monitor



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    RisingLCD can offer you the open frame tft LCD, size from 15.6 inch to 49 inch, and with the  sunlight-readable high-nit TFT LCD display, 1000 nits to 3500 nits brightness that it can be easily viewed in bright outdoor conditions, such as direct sunlight. This makes it ideal for outdoor digital signage, transportation displays, and other applications where high visibility is essential.

    These open frame tft LCDs are with thin body design, high resolution, fast response and vivid color, the display is a light-weight, bright display designed for outdoor device, 

    Open frame  

    1. Thin profile: The open-frame design allows the display to have a thin profile, which makes it suitable for applications where space is limited.

    2. Easy integration: The open-frame design makes it easy to integrate the display into different types of products.

    3. Cost-effective: Open-frame displays are often more cost-effective than other types of displays because they do not have an additional enclosure.

    4. Customizable: Open-frame displays can be customized to meet specific application requirements, such as size, resolution, and brightness.

    5. Versatile: They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including gaming machines, industrial equipment, medical devices, and transportation systems.

    High brightness sunlight readable display

    The customized 1000 nits to 3500 nits, high brightness ensures that the screen remains visible even in direct sunlight, making it easy for people to read important information and messages.


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    display screenLCD module
    display size15.6inch/18.5 inch/21.5 inch/23.6 inch/32 inch/43 inch   
    display areana
    display resolution1920*1080/1366*768
    Zoom1 6 : 9
    brightness, 1000 to 3500 cd/m2 (center point, t yp ), sunlight readable
    viewing angle89/89/89/89(Min.)(CR≥10)
    Response time8ms ( Gray To Gray )
    Uniformity of brightness ≧ 75%
    color depth 16.7M
    Operation temperature-20 ~ 60 °C ,high tni
    system configuration 
    main chip68676
    multimediaH265/H264 video decoding
    system versionOSD
    input interfaceUSB * 1 DC*1 hdmi*1 VGA*1
    power inputAC 110-220V ~ 50/60Hz


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