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    High brightness open frame LCD panel

    2024-03-08 10:11:23  News

    High brightness Open frame LCD monitors are display devices that is with high brightness backlight and that do not have bezel or enclosuring hoursing,they are designed to supply with customized enclosures or metal flange for mounting. Electronic parts, such as the powerboard, AD board, motherboard board are built inside of the metal chassis.this features make this open frame display ideal for space saving and customized installation.

    High brightness open frame LCD monitor applications:  

    Outdoor Digital Signage, Outdoor Kiosks, Outdoor Self-Service Machine, Outdoor ponit-of-sale terminales, Outdoor bus station display, Outdoor ATM Machines and Vending Machines.Industrial Monitoring Applications.

    8 Advantage for High Brightness Open Frame LCD Monitor.

    1. Easy mounting: VESA mount are available on the high brightness open frame monitor. they are easily installed within a control cabinet. the most mounting way is panel mount that places an open frame screen in a cutout in a metal panel or enclosure and surrounding ti with a sealed bezel. 

    2.  Flexibility use: Open frame monitors can be configured easily for many different application just by adding components to the internal chassis. it can easily be integrated into a product design using its flange mounting system. 

    3.  Rugged Chassis : our open frame monitors are designed to absorb shock; so in this way, the display will be likely to get less damaged through direct physical impact and are ideal monitors in a construction site environment.

    4. Lightweight and portable: We design these open frame LCD monitors with light weight they can be easily hoisted on a bracket or rack.

    5. Sunlight readable: our open frame LCD monitor are designed to provide superior high brightness pictures quality and state of the art features in a rugged chassis   ensuring years of reliable operation. availalbe brightness from 1000 nits, 1500nits, 2000nits, 3000nits, 4000 nits and 5000 nits, could be used in the direct sunlight, since they all come with above 1000nits brightness. 

    6. Versatile LCD display: our open frame monitors are versatile, that can be connected to host application through a number of interfaces like rack mount, VESA mount or USB among others.

    7. Various sizes are available: our open frame LCD displays come in a variety of sizes between 10.1 incth, 12.1 inch, 13.3 inch to 21.5 inche, 32 inch, 43 inch, 49 inch,55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch, and all of them can be TFT LCD touch screen, or flexible options between LCD, Touchscreens, signal interface as well as chassis mounting.

    8. Customized: They can be customized for a variety of applications by simply adding components to the internal framework. An easy mounting technique makes it simple to incorporate into a product design.

      55 inch high brightness open frame panel with OCA bonding protective glass55 inch open frame LCD with OCA bonding protective glass

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