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    Which is better, IPS screen or VA screen?

    2021-11-03 16:15:50  News

    When the VA soft screen is turned on, there will be obvious water ripples when pressing the screen, while this situation will not appear on the IPS hard screen. The reason for this phenomenon is mainly due to the different arrangements of the two.

    The VA soft screen liquid crystal molecules are arranged vertically, while the IPS hard screen arranges the liquid crystal molecules horizontally, thereby reducing the thickness of the liquid crystal layer and changing the light transmittance of the liquid crystal screen. 

    IPS hard screen features


    1. The viewing angle is large, the viewing angle of the IPS screen panel can reach 178 degrees, which means that the effect of viewing the picture from the front or the side is the same.

    2. The color is real. Due to the color flip and brightness conversion of the IPS screen, you can see high-quality images with vivid colors, saturated and natural colors no matter which angle you appreciate.

    3. Fast response speed, smoother motion pictures, capable of showing dynamic high-definition pictures, especially suitable for reproducing motion pictures, without image retention and tailing.

    4. Ultra-high contrast, pure black level is clearer. Unlike the VA screen, the white balance change of the IPS screen in each gray scale is completely negligible. For the VA soft screen, it is difficult for the slender performance in the low gray scale because the brightness of the sharp edge changes in the place where the voltage originates. In the low gray scale, the unstable performance of the voltage value leads to uneven brightness.


    1. Severe light leakage: As the IPS screen adopts the horizontal liquid crystal molecule arrangement, the viewing angle is increased but the light penetration is reduced, and the luminosity of the backlight must be increased.

    Therefore, light leakage has become a common phenomenon of IPS screens. With the increase of the screen, the problem of light leakage on the edge of a large area has been criticized by users.

    VA soft screen features


    1. Bright color performance. Because the VA soft screen liquid crystal molecules are vertically distributed and have the characteristics of high light transmittance, the picture is brightly colored, and the wide color gamut technology developed by technology can highlight the display effect.

    2. The details are more abundant. The VA soft screen adopts a "half-pixel" display mode, which can accurately calculate the RGB three-primary color distribution and visualization effect, and the picture details are more expressive.

    3. Low heat and low power consumption. The VA soft screen has high light transmittance, so there is no need for a strong backlight light source, so the heat dissipation is low, and the power consumption is relatively small.

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