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    How to choose outdoor LCD screen

    2021-11-17 16:45:36  News

            Outdoor LCD is based on indoor LCD to improve the new generation of outdoor display products, a qualified outdoor LCD products mainly have what parameters need to pay attention to it 

           1, brightness

            For outdoor products, due to daytime illumination and other factors, the brightness of outdoor products is generally not less than 1500, and the brightness of all outdoor scenes may need 2000-2500 (NITS). The brightness of semi-outdoor or corridor, window and other environments is low. However, it also needs 1500 brightness to display a high-definition picture, and if the brightness of an outdoor LCD screen is below 1500, the outdoor LCD display is definitely not hd enough.


           2, the waterproof

            Known, outdoor conditions, complex, there are clear and there will be rain, if outdoor LCD can't be compared with the level of waterproof, it is absolutely not enough, if the internal water to the machine, the damage to the screen is not reversible, generally this belongs to the major quality problems, so must be waterproof outdoor, The general protection level of outdoor products is IP55, so as to ensure that normal rain erosion will not lead to machine failure caused by water。


            3, dustproof  

            Outdoor filled with a variety of floating dust and metal particles, sand and small flying insects, once into the machine is easy to cause accelerated aging of the machine circuit, dust diffuse on the surface of the screen, which 

    seriously affect the viewing experience, dustproof for outdoor LCD products as important, must not be ignored,  And these dust is easy to generate static electricity if the screen is broken down by static electricity is also greatly damaged, easy to cause a series of phenomena such as black screen screen 。 

            4, heat dissipation  

            Heat dissipation is a top priority for outdoor LCD products, outdoor temperature condensed in the LCD glass surface under direct sunlight, over time the temperature is very high, if heat treatment is not good, it is easy to cause the screen black, factors such as local area don't show pictures, long time exposure can cause a great loss to the screen, may directly result in the screen can't use,  The liquid crystal component is no longer rotating, so the outdoor heat dissipation must be carefully and strictly screened to avoid the increase in maintenance costs in the later period。


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