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    The Features of Outdoor LCD modoules

    2021-11-16 14:27:59  News

              With the great development of economy, urban construction is becoming more and more intelligent, and people's visual requirements and taste for outdoor display are becoming higher and higher. Outdoor display products have certain industry standards for the effect of display, such as:  LCD display screen (LCD), LCD LCD screen characteristics mainly refers to the TECHNICAL indicators and parameter data of LCD OC, is the core technology reference data of a display screen, in which the parameter indicators and standards directly affect the quality of a finished product, is the main reference value to test its quality .

     The following are some basic parameter characteristics of liquid crystal OC:  

    1. Operating temperature and storage temperature:  

         The operating temperature of normal LCD is 0℃~50℃, and the storage temperature is -20℃ ~ 70℃.  

         Wide temperature LCD operating temperature -30℃ ~ 80℃, storage temperature -40℃ ~ 100℃.

    2. Contrast:  

         TNLCD: Cr > 5 when DUTY1 ~ 1/8.  

         DUTY 1/8 to 1/16 (inclusive) Cr > 3.  

         STN LCD: In blue and grey mode, Cr > 3.  

         In yellow, green, yellow-green mode, Cr > 5. 

    3. Response time:  

        TN LCD: rising time < 250ms;  Descent time < 300ms.  

        STN LCD: rising time < 400ms;  Descent time < 400ms.  

     4. Scope of Perspective:  

        TN LCD: DUTY 1~1/8, > 30°;  DUTY 1/8~1/16, > 25°.  

        STN LCD: DUTY > 1/64, > 50°;  DUTY < =1/64, > 30°. 

    5. Threshold voltage:  

        TN and STN reached 0.7V and 0.8V respectively at room temperature.  The minimum threshold voltage will be increased when the temperature is wide  


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