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    How to make a touch screen smart mirror

    2021-12-04 16:09:51  News

    How to make a touch screen smart mirror

    First of all, get ready to manufacture touch screen smart mirror accessories: high-brightness LCD panel, mirror with functional film, motherboard, voltage, screen line, backlight line, and structural parts for fixing the mirror.

    smart mirror touch screen

    Tools: screwdriver, glue, electrical tape, workbench.

    Prepare tools and accessories for assembly step by step.

    1. Install the mirror with touch on the structure;

    2. The LCD panel display area is aligned with the touch area and fixed point to point.

    3. Install the power supply and motherboard;

    4. Assemble the signal line and power line;

    5. Check whether the assembly is correct;

    6. Check the electrical part with a multimeter to confirm that it is correct;

    7. The power supply test is completed.

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