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    How to make outdoor LCD digital signage

    2022-03-02 09:30:53  News

    How to make outdoor LCD digital signage

    It is not difficult to make outdoor LCD digital signage. If there are not too high requirements, just prepare materials and tools. According to the factory’s ISO9001 standard, there must be a clean workshop, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, anti-static bracelet, etc.

    Do it yourself to clean the working environment, spray water on the ground, or put a humidifier on it.

    outdoor LCD digital signage

    Material: LCD panel, optical film, led light board, diffuser, reflective film, metal structure, backlight driver board, rubber pad, cushion cotton, screws, rubber column, tempered glass, sponge pad.

    Tools: screwdriver, alcohol, clean cloth, double-sided tape, single-sided tape, blade, multimeter, power supply, LVDS cable, backlight cable.

    1. Install the LED backlight according to the drawings;

    2. Install the reflective film, the holes are aligned according to the drawings, and the led lights must not be blocked;

    3. Install the diffuser plate and place it evenly;

    4. Place the optical film and diffuser to align;

    5. Fix the bright touch panel and diffuser with the middle frame;

    6. Install the LCD panel, place rubber pads around the LCD panel with moderate tightness;

    7. Install the front frame, fix the front frame to keep the LCD glass in the center, and turn the screen without looseness;

    8. Install the cable and connect the logic board;

    9. Fix the motherboard and power supply and connect the power supply line and signal line;

    10. Check whether each part is correct;

    11. Use a multimeter to measure whether the electrical connection is correct;

    12. Power supply test;

    13.Waterproof test.

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