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    What should be paid attention to when choosing outdoor LCD display monitor?

    2021-11-15 10:40:12  News

           In daily life, outdoor LCD screens can be seen everywhere, widely used in stations, commercial squares, parking gates, electronic station signs, new energy charging pile display, scenic road signs, etc.  In the case of changeable climate and harsh environment, it is undoubtedly a great challenge for outdoor highlight screen.  


     So highlight LCD screen in the outdoor need to pay attention to those problems?  Let's talk about it  

    1. Tough and closed shell  


           As we all know, the weather and climate vary greatly from region to region, which means that in the outdoor, the LCD screen may be exposed to dust, insects, rain, lightning, snow, haze and other unpredictable conditions.  Then he needs a tough "armor" that can resist all kinds of attacks.  This "armor" needs strong sealing, dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-theft, anti-lightning, electromagnetic protection of toughened glass, which is also a considerable knowledge, need to spend a lot of effort.  


    2, tempered glass through and anti sunlight reflection  

             LCD LCD screen is relatively fragile existence, a slight impact will be broken not display, so in the display area we also want to give it a protective cover - tempered glass.   Tempered glass also has several different functional characteristics, respectively: super white tempered glass, AG tempered glass, AR tempered glass.  

           Super white tempered glass: we use more, convenient processing, low cost, convenient to buy, but his anti-glare effect is also the same deviation.  

            AG glass: also called anti-reflection glass and anti-glare glass.  It is recommended to use AG glass for long distance viewing. AG processing makes the reflective surface of glass become matte diffuse surface, which can make the reflection effect fuzzy. Besides anti-glare, it also reduces the reflectivity and reduces light and shadow.  

           AR glass: also called antireflection glass.  Using the most advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology in the world, in the ordinary tempered glass above a layer of anti-reflection film, effectively reduce the reflection of the glass itself, increase the transmittance of glass, so that the original through the glass color more bright, more real.  


    3, the internal heat dissipation of the machine  

          LCD liquid crystal screen is composed of 0.1+0.1 glass clip liquid crystal molecules, liquid crystal molecules in the case of high temperature is easy to "strike" to stop working, there will be black spots black phenomenon.  At this time we need to heat the machine, the heat inside the machine out of the body, so that the liquid crystal molecules in a comfortable environment.  

          Of course, some areas will encounter cold weather, so we can install a temperature control and heating module in the machine, in low temperature, the first internal heating of the machine, to ensure normal start-up.  


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